"A tool that can be given to the patients to give them the possibility to treat themselves in addition to my various osteopathic therapies in the easiest and fastest way. That would be brilliant!"

This is what the orthopaedist, osteopath and physiotherapist Dr. med. Martin Hübscher thought on the basis of treatment experience with several 1000 patients. The idea to develop a solution was given from then on.

After 3 years the MARTneck® was born.

Scientific studies

Observational studies were conducted to scientifically confirm the effectiveness of MARTneck®. These were carried out by means of MRI examinations and trigger point elastography to identify trigger points and their release under MARTneck® application on volunteers selected at random. The studies are currently being finalized in order to be presented in medical societies.

Furthermore, a study on the subjective improvement of microcirculation is currently being conducted. The results are expected towards the middle of the year.

This scientific work should prove the high efficiency of the developed MARTneck®.

This is the decisive difference to many products on the market, which promise a lot, but mostly do not keep this promise and certainly cannot prove their effectiveness.


The MARTneck® is produced in a DIN ISO certified manufacturing plant in Southern Germany, CFC-free and only with high quality materials.

The proximity of the manufacturing plant to the company headquarters also saves long delivery routes.

The manufacturing plant is eco-certified, so that an environmentally friendly production can be guaranteed. Each MARTneck® is manufactured individually. The transport from the factory to the logistics site in Kaufbeuren is climate-neutral with electric vehicles. We consciously pay attention to sustainability and climate protection as well as eco-certified production.