Trigger points

Trigger points - Osteopathy - MARTneck
Trigger points are local painful muscle hardenings which can be felt very well. The triggers can be located in the muscle cells themselves, in the fascia or even close to the tendon attachment. They can be located at the pain point itself, but also in more distant regions of the body, which need not be related to the pain point, but can be responsible for the pain (referred pain). This often makes it difficult to carry out a targeted pain and trigger point treatment if the actual cause of the pain remains unidentified. Trigger points are very often found in different pain events, both in shoulder and neck pain, as well as deep back and sciatic pain. They are usually caused by a disturbance of the musculature, which is caused by e.g. overloading, incorrect strain or stress. Even the smallest muscle cramps cause inflammation, which can have far-reaching effects on the body. However, if these trigger points remain untreated, the muscle is deprived of the opportunity to regenerate and can thus lead to permanent inflammation and restricted freedom of movement, which can result in a considerable reduction in quality of life and health.