Osteopathy treatment

The MARTneck® treatment focuses on the field of craniosacral osteopathy, with the aim of being able to carry out your own treatment at home and on the road in a short period of time. Osteopathy is a medical diagnosis and treatment direction that can be traced back to Andrew Taylor Still. It has been experiencing increasing popularity and interest in Germany and worldwide for years. Besides other forms of therapy such as manual therapy, physiotherapy, yoga, Thai Chi etc., it is often a very effective pain and regulation therapy. The special feature of osteopathy is that it perceives the organism in its entirety and not only examines and researches individual complaints. The complex organism is connected by a holistic fascial system, which explains that treatment should be holistic in order to achieve lasting success. The osteopath uses these fasciae by tracing them with his hands in order to locate the point of pain, which is often located somewhere else than the actual point of pain. In order to solve this pain, which is usually recognizable by blockages, the osteopath tries to solve these functional disturbances and blockages (mechanically and psychologically) by means of pressure or traction, tension and relaxation, trigger point treatment and much more.