Our mission is to develop aids which, without our own medical knowledge and simple handling, can lead to the highest possible improvement or maintenance of your personal state of health. Specifically, we aim at complaints in the head-neck and shoulder area, with the emphasis on atlas treatment, joint correction of the small vertebral joints and head joints.

Observational studies have been carried out to scientifically confirm the effectiveness of the traction effect in particular and thus the relief of intervertebral discs and joints. These were carried out by means of MRI examinations and trigger point elastography to identify trigger points and their release under MARTneck® application on volunteers selected at random. The studies are currently being finalised for presentation to medical societies.

Furthermore, a study is currently being conducted on the subjective improvement of microcirculation. The results are expected towards the middle of the year.

This scientific work is intended to prove the high efficiency of the developed MARTneck® in order to demonstrate the benefits of this tool to interested "patients" and ultimately contribute to better health. This is the decisive difference between MARTneck® and many products on the market that promise a lot, but mostly do not deliver and certainly cannot prove their effectiveness.