The maximum application time should not exceed 10 minutes. Otherwise this can lead to complaints in the cervical spine area, which can be caused by the pressure on the trigger and acupressure points, as well as the pull on vertebral joints. The optimal duration of application is therefore 5-10 minutes.

The mechanism of action of the MARTneck® is based on gentle stretching and uses the anatomical pressure and trigger points, as is the case with other forms of pain therapy and osteopressure. However, these therapies usually work with a clear pain provocation. With its gentle methodology and dynamic therapy, the MARTneck® is a wonderful addition to physiotherapy or massage therapy. This has already been confirmed by many physiotherapists, which is why they now use the MARTneck® as a supportive supplement in their daily practice.

There is no experience to date in this respect. No crack formation has been observed to date.

This is a complicated approval process with application for an aid number. Efficacy studies are currently nearing completion for submission of such an approval. At this time, there is no reimbursement claim.

From teenagers/ children from a height of at least approx. 160 cm up to older adults. There is no age limit for this.

A certain feeling of pressure at the back of the head is quite normal, especially in the first 3-4 applications, as the tight tensions and adhesions of fascia and trigger points will only gradually loosen. Therefore a daily application is highly recommended.

With water, soap and a cloth. Alcohol disinfectants, household cleaners and acidic substances are not recommended.

Yes, there should not be any clothes jammed in between, as this has a lasting effect. The musculature would possibly be squeezed accordingly, the head position would be changed, as well as the effectiveness would be negatively influenced. The microcirculation would also be disturbed, which is precisely what the MARTneck® improves to relax trigger points and loosen the fasciae from their adhesions.

The surface should be flat and firm. Optimally suited are for example a yoga mat on the floor, a not too soft carpet and a harder sofa. Underlays that are too soft, such as a mattress in bed, do not provide a secure hold and change the angular position of the MARTneck® so that sufficient effects are no longer possible in this position.

Yes, provided that the headache was caused by incorrect loading, posture problems, overloading of the shoulder-neck region in the sense of muscle tension, spine-related headaches. Headaches have a variety of causes, but are mainly caused by the cervical spine, which is why the MARTneck® is particularly helpful here.

In the case of acute headaches, however, only a short treatment period of 5 minutes maximum is recommended. However, if every pressure is still painful, it is better to start MARTneck&reg one day later. Please note! In every acute pain the body sees the need for a protective reaction. Muscles tense up, joints block, trigger points appear, fasciae "close". All this has to be lowered a little bit first to be able to be released. Only then can the full effect of the MARTneck® be felt.

However, the MARTneck® is designed for chronic tension, headaches, migraines and tinnitus. It is a sustainable, holistic therapy support, gentle osteopathy and fascia therapy.